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The goal of the GAP Food Bank is to provide food to the needy families in our community. Our immediate goal is to increase the number of families fed to 500 or more by continuing to feed the families at our facility as well as expanding the amount of food provided to other food banks, senior centers and churches. Without additional funding, we will be unable to purchase the food needed to meet this goal. The GAP's primary source of revenue is free-will donations from local churches, businesses and individuals.

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 The GAP will receive a percentage of your grocery purchases when you register your Ralphs Club Card online. Click Here to register online, select Community Contribution and choose the GAP Food Bank (NPO #80141). Fill in the information about your Ralphs Club Card and start shopping. Your card will need to be registered annually.   

  GoodSearch and GoodShop enable you to help fund the GAP Food Bank through the simple act of searching the internet or shopping online.

It's just that simple! You use like any other search engine, but each time you do, money is generated for the GAP Food Bank. Logon and search today! 

Escrip is an online program that gives back a percentage of your purchases to the GAP.